Sunday, August 18, 2013

Birthday Planning...Already?

My son will be February. I know it is 6 months away but this is the first birthday party I actually get to plan! I was originally going to have a Mickey Mouse theme. I had found some really great ones on Pinterest. But I wasn't completely sold on the idea. But I have learned my son is a "man's man" - he likes cars, tools, and women (especially, I settled more on a "cars" theme. I am more specifically going to possibly narrow it down. I was thinking of something like this:

It has everything a mom needs on a tight budget: free printable invitations and matching thank you notes, and a free matching banner. It was just the starter that I needed.

But I knew I needed more. I've seen people label their food, put the monthly baby pictures (which I have done, just not always on the date), and have other "decorations".

Pinterest. It is where you can lost for hours and have nothing to show for it except a head full of ideas and an empty wallet. I looked there again and found another link. One to an actually party. One I actually liked:

Oh, how I got ideas from this site! She gave the link to the font in the comments, so I can make my own labels! The most simple but wonderful idea is the tablecloths! To look like roadways, it's a black tablecloth with yellow duct tape. How simple is that? And extremely cool because if they survive past the party, he can use them as a raceway.

I have many ideas that are popping into my head and I have six months to plan! It will probably just be family. I will most likely get red plates (and other red things for Lightening McQueen) on clearance through the next 6 months. It does help to start early because then you can buy something specific and not just "ideas", which tend to get you to spend more and have less ready for your party.

I want the birthday boy to feel special (because he does love attention). I was thinking of something like this for a present/place set:

I am really in love with this shirt: But the price is one thing I am worried about is the price. I do understand it is homemade and looks so cool! I am trying to justifying it. Maybe somebody will buy it as a present.

I could always try to get my son to wear a hat, which he is getting better at lately, but I'm not going to push it. He will need a bib (and I can probably make that).

The food list will probably be done closer to the end. We are slowly adding food, so who knows what he will be eating by that time.

The cake is the "centerpiece". I was going to get a "smash" cake and make cupcakes. It would easier to eat for the rest of us. I had this idea before I saw this post. I saw some cupcake holders and maybe toppers at Michael's.

These are just some ideas. I hope to have more posts as the party gets more and more set!

Do you have party planning right now?

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