Friday, January 25, 2013

His First Wardrobe

So, my son is a little bit spoiled. Right now, might be more after his baby shower Sunday, he has more clothes than I do. He is already so spoiled. The outfits are not included in the other totals except socks.

14 "onesies"
2 pants/shorts
1 overall
2 bibs
3 "sleepers" with no closure
2 "jumper"
8 "footies"
3 hats
3 shirts/tops
9 pair of socks
1 pair of mittens
1 light jacket

2 outfits:
1) onesie and overall
2) onesie, pants w/suspenders, vest

This is just 0-3m/3m and his going home outfit. I have no newborn outfits and will get more clothes as he outgrows these.

Will probably have a picture or video at some time of my spoiled little boy. He's not even here and he is spoiled.

Most of these were bought at thrift stores, clearance, or fairly cheap.

"Daily Walk"

I don't get out much because it is too much work and money to go anywhere unnecessarily. I don't have school this semester and I am still looking for a job so I really only go to town for the doctor and maybe the library, which are both once a week now. So, since I don't get out much, and since I have his stroller all set up, I have decided to put Lucky, my dear teddy bear, in it and taken her for a walk. I did it yesterday and today. I also put her in it on Sunday. The first time was just in the stroller, but the next two were in the infant car seat in the stroller.
I have a driveway that is about 1/10th of a mile long since I live in the country. I usually just walk up it to check the mail and come back because then I don't feel so lazy. I use the stroller because it helps me stay up better with the additional weight, it is getting hard just to get up. And, so I don't feel so lonely, I bring Lucky along. I do take my phone, mostly for safety, but don't really use it. I am practicing I guess. I even buckle Lucky into the car seat. Mostly for practice on how to buckle it up. She does look super cute!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Stroller and Car Seat Assembly

There is always the old joke about how difficult a crib is to put together. I don't know about that but I do know how difficult a stroller can be to put together. I got a Graco stoller/car seat travel system. The car seat was one piece, so I put my teddy bear in to check how to adjust the harness. Easier that I thought!

Now, I will admit that I am one of those people that read manuals for just about everything I have, including my phone. I was quite a bit disappointed that my new phone had no manual with it, that it only had "quick tips". What's funny is that I have found little "tricks" to do with my phone before with the manual.

So, putting the stroller together was oh so fun! I had to figure out how to open it without hurting myself, being  almost 36 weeks pregnant. I got the front wheels on because they actually snapped on. The back was a little harder. I had to snap the brakes on. Got that. Get the metal pole through the axle. Done. Put on the wheel. Got it. Put the solder pin in? Not quite. It was so tight, it wouldn't go on. I understand why it was made like that but not exactly fun when you're pregnant, tired, and easily irritable.

My mom finally had to do it for me. So, the stroller is done. The car seat is put on there properly. I need someone to check out out the base in my Mustang. My car has LATCH, but it has never been used before since I have had it. I knew how to attach it but I do need someone to tell me it is right. Trust me, putting a car seat in my car is way fun, especially when it is rear facing. There is just about no room left in my passenger front seat. It is pulled all the way up and oh so much fun!

So, since he has decided to drop, it could be any day now. The only thing I haven't gotten done yet is getting him a doctor. I know, it is getting too last minute. But, if it wasn't for last minute, nothing would get done.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

His Cloth Wipes Are Done!

I have finished the cloth wipes I started the other day. I have 37 total. The first picture shows three of the wipes. The top left is the Joann's fabric with the cute little birdies. The bottom left is the scraps of flannel that my mom gave me. It is a little blue. The fabric on the right is the car flannel I picked up from Hancock Fabrics.
The second picture shows the "S" I did. It is on the darker blue flannel scrap I found. I only had one square of it and I just happened to only have one left over car fabric square so they went together. All the other ones had the same fabric on the front and the back.
The third picture shows all of them together. (Excuse the kitchen) One is missing and it needs to be finished.

The final count is:
10 white birdies
4 light blue
22 cars
1 dark blue/cars
37 total. All flannel. All homemade. All super cute!