Thursday, January 3, 2013

His Cloth Wipes Are Done!

I have finished the cloth wipes I started the other day. I have 37 total. The first picture shows three of the wipes. The top left is the Joann's fabric with the cute little birdies. The bottom left is the scraps of flannel that my mom gave me. It is a little blue. The fabric on the right is the car flannel I picked up from Hancock Fabrics.
The second picture shows the "S" I did. It is on the darker blue flannel scrap I found. I only had one square of it and I just happened to only have one left over car fabric square so they went together. All the other ones had the same fabric on the front and the back.
The third picture shows all of them together. (Excuse the kitchen) One is missing and it needs to be finished.

The final count is:
10 white birdies
4 light blue
22 cars
1 dark blue/cars
37 total. All flannel. All homemade. All super cute!

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