Saturday, July 6, 2013

Drama Being A Single Mom

It's hard being a single mother with all the drama that it entails.

This post is really personal and I will not give out names.

His father wants to not see him until my son asks where he is because his father cannot handle babies. He doesn't want to be with me because it doesn't work. And he says he has no money but still continues to buy all this stuff for a teddy bear (Duffy) which he got mad at me for before I got pregnant when I did the same thing.

We have a child to raise together and he really doesn't want anything to do with us. He wants to "pursue" his dreams" and we are not included. He wants to see about joint custody, but my son is only 5 months old. He is in Florida and I am in Texas.

Some things in life are not alwas what they seem. I am happy on the outside but so stressed with going to school, dealing with a son who can be quite cranky and wanting his way sometimes, and dealing with "baby daddy" drama. That is mostly why I haven't updated: because life is a lot of pressure now and I don't want to include any specific names.

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