Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas "Presents"

The little one didn't get anything for Christmas but my dad did buy him his first car seat! I got the Graco stroller/car seat combo. It is orange. It is not the exact one I wanted but it is still a pretty good one at a good price. I also picked up a contour changing pad for 13.74 that was on Clearance at Target.

We also ordered his crib online so it should be here sometime soon. We got him two sheets and, of course, his crib mattress.

I did manage to pick up some little socks which were 3/.99 at a local resale shop. They had good prices and some really cute socks. My aunt is going to give me my cousin's bassinet (which isn't that old). So, he will have that the first few weeks. He has a few outfits, but nothing to overwhelming. I do wish he had some more but I have quite a few "bodysuits" which I probably think he will live in. He does have a couple pairs of shoes, including one Children's Place and a pair of boots.
Those are all the ones that are size 0-3 or 3 months. No newborn because by the time he is in them, he'll be out of them. He has his first pair of Sperry's boat shoes (super cute) in a size 3 probably in time for summer and also his first pair of Converse (of course) in black also in size 3. He has enough shoes (even though people say he doesn't need them).
I think he needs more clothes but it is hard to find good looking boy clothes that aren't "offensive" as in stupid or plain. I don't like that only girls have cute clothes. I think boys are underrated because us moms want them to be cute too. If I'm going to dress cute, why can't I do the same for my little boy? I think it's stupid. I also hate how changing pads and shopping cart covers and even sheets have so many "feminine" options but not too many that are even blue! I feel like boys are doomed to be surrounded by female things. I'm not against "boys need to be separate from girls" but I still think that we should let boys be able to learn fashion so that mom isn't looking at them when they're 25 and still buying their clothes. I want my boy to look presentable, even if it is in jeans a t-shirt but nothing that says "I'll sell my sister" or something stupid. I think those shirts are offensive and let the parents get away with no actually caring about what their kids look like.

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