Saturday, December 29, 2012

Starting his Cloth Wipes

So, I have started making Little One's cloth wipes. We had some leftover flannel so I started with that. My dad helped me cut them out into 7" squares. We used the envelope style to make them. So they are smaller than 7" but they are still plenty big. Out of the scraps, I got 4 double-sided wipes. To "seal" the middle, I put an 'S' for his first initial (which I'll reveal after he's born).

I also bought a yard of flannel (not totally boyish but I don't think he'll mind if it's wiping his behind) from Joann's fabric and craft store. It was a remnant, which means what was left on the bolt. Since it was a remnant, it was half off. We also went to Hancock Fabric and they had their flannel on sale for half off. We also had a coupon for 20% off. So $3.50 for the first yard, and a little more than $6 for the other 2 yards.
So far, I am guessing 30-45 more pairs. Plenty for the little one's buns! I have a My Little Pony container that someone gave me that I will probably try to use. A spray bottle is probably the last thing I need and will most likely need to use water. So, about $10 (plus the cost of the thread) for 3-4 dozen. Just to let you know how you can get wipes for cheap, if you are on a tight budget. Plus, it is a nice little project to show your little one what you can make.
My dad also made me a changing pad also using the envelope style. He used PUL fabric also from Joann's from their new Babyville Boutique line. He also used the cotton batting and double layered it. It is not perfect, but it is still so cute! He also sewed two lines so I could fold it in thirds to fit in a bag. It is about 15" by 24" without the seam allowances, so a little smaller. A nice little project that you can do. The PUL was a little more expensive at 14.99 a yard but we had a coupon for 40% off. It was worth it because it is a wipe-able material, which means any messes can be wiped off without really messing with the fabric. I will upload pictures later when I can!

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