Thursday, December 13, 2012

Kicking and Finals and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!

Well, my son has decided that he wants me to hurt mama during finals, but only when I need to concentrate enough to write down. But it has been nice for him to active quite often because he doesn't scare me! He is usually active at bedtime or time for morning. He goes CRAZY when I put on Ghostbusters, so either he recognizes it or he does like it or he wants it gone! I have been trying to play more Mickey Mouse Clubhouse so he can get used to it before he's born. I am planning on going to Walt Disney World for his 1st birthday and I want him to know who Mickey is. I know some may say that screen time is bad for a baby, but I'm not gonna let him stare at it all the time and won't start until about 6 months. I also have books with Mickey and other Disney characters (including my favorite Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, and Duffy the Disney Bear). I also want to get some Jake and the Neverland Pirates movies or books. I think he might like it but I gotta start with the basics (and classics) with the Fab 5 (Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Pluto, Donald, Goofy) and one special lady, Daisy Duck. If you've never seen Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, I would suggest it. It is mostly meant for older toddlers and does have some bigger words (stubborn, exasperating) but does show all kind of emotions, including sadness, confusion, and disappointment. It does show how we all can be friends and help you cope with those feelings. I do enjoy the catchy songs and how much counting there is. It is educational but I do not feel like it really dumbs down other "kiddie" shows. It does "talk" to your child like others but also doesn't give a huge pause to make you think too much but concentrate on the show more.

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